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Prison Laws ( Jail Manual )

Prison Laws ( Jail Manual )
Year: 2011
Price: USD 25.00

Publisher : Omer Law Books House

Edition : 2011

Pages : 711

Binding : Hardbound


1-Pakistan Prisons Rules

2-The Prisons Act 1894

3-The Prisons Act 1990

4-The Punjab Borstal Act, 1926

5-Punjab Destitute and Neglected children act 2004

6-Regulation III of 1818

7-Execution of the Punishment of Whipping Ordinance IX of 1979

8-West Pakistan Maintanence of Public order ordinance

9-Probation of offenders ordinance Rules 1961

10-West Pakistan Probation of offenders Rules 1961

11-Good conduct prisoners probation release Act 1926

12-Sindh Children Act,1955

13-Juvenile Justice System ordinance (XXII of 2000)

14-Juvenile Justice System Rules 2001

15-Punjab Juvenile Justice System Rules 2002

16-Parole system in Pakistan

17-Good conduct prisoners probational release rules 1927

18-Executive orders on parole,1934

19-Mental Health ordinance 2001

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