The Genesis of South Asian Nuclear Deterrence Pakistan's Perspective

  • The Genesis of South Asian Nuclear Deterrence Pakistan's Perspective
  • Year: 2009
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This book is an attempt to provide a complete picture of the dynamics of South Asian nuclearization. It covers the historical evolution of the technological developments of the Indian and Pakistani programmes and the nuances of the countries� respective policies towards the international non-proliferation regime. It also covers developments since May 1998 in the two countries with respect to the development and articulation of their nuclear doctrines, setting up of command and control systems, and the creeping operationalization of their nuclear capabilities. It provides an overview of the rapidly developing nuclear delivery systems in India and Pakistan as well as their efforts at stabilizing the nuclear environment by agreeing on some significant nuclear and missiles related Confidence Building Measures. Given the controversies, myths and misperceptions surrounding the A.Q. Khan network the book attempts to provide a realistic and balanced view of the episode. It also addresses issues related to international concerns about the safety and security of Pakistan�s nuclear arsenal.


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