• Who Assassinated Benazir Bhutto
  • Jihad: Myth & Reality
  • Ottoman Turkey, Atatürk, and Muslim South Asia
  • High Life In Pakistan
  • Before Memory Fades
  • Revisiting Pakistan's National Security Dilemma

The Jinnah Anthology Third Edition

The Jinnah Anthology Third Edition
Year: 2010
Price: USD 45.00
This book intends, primarily, to be a source of inspiration for the general reader. It aims to re-emphasize Jinnah�s vision and principals relating to democracy, justice, equality, integrity, honesty, supremacy of the rule of law and rights of women and minorities, to document the Quaid�s life, his work, and achievements. The collection of previously published and new articles by well-known academics, historians, and analysts along with the collection of various speeches delivered by Jinnah make it an invaluable source of information. The book also includes essays, excerpts, quotes, personal recollections, and tributes.


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