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The Waters of Lahore: A Memoir

The Waters of Lahore: A Memoir
Year: 2013
Price: USD 24.00

Author : Kamal Azfar ( Ex Federal Minister For Finance, Local Government and Rural Development,

Senator,Governor Sindh)

Publisher : Sama Publication

Binding : Hard cover  

Pages : 316



Transfer of Power


Lucknow to Lahore

Road to Pakistan


From Oxford to Stockholm

A Dismal Science

Return of the Native

Camelot by the Sea


Constitution making and Governance

Fall of the Government

Zia's Coup d' Etat

Begum Sahiba

The More things Change, The More They Stay the Same

End of Empire

Club of Rome and the Winner's Circus

Asian Century

Age of Faiz ahmed Faiz

Decline and death of Zia Ul Haq

Decade of Democracy

The Pen is Mightier than the sword

Coming of age in Pakistan

The Future of Pakistan

The End


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