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Forests, Livehoods and Power Relations in North West Pakistan

Forests, Livehoods and Power Relations in North West Pakistan
Year: 2013
Price: USD 25.00

ISBN : 978 969 3526486

Edited By babar Shahbaz, Urs Geiser and Abid Q. Suleri

Publisher : Sang-E-Meel

Year : 2013

Pages : 290

Binding : Hard Bound

Contents : 

1 Forests, Livelihoods and Power Relations in North-West Pakistan : Introduction , Insights gained and Challenges Ahead

2 Rural Livelihoods and the Role of Forest Resources in North-West Pakistan 

3 State Forest Administtration, Donor Support and Forest Realities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan 

4 The Impact of Joint forest Management : a Livelihoods Perspective

Decentralising Forest Govetnance in North-West Pakistan : Intentions, Realities and Recommendations 

6 Forest Related Interventions and the Stakeholders of Forests in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan 

7 Forest Governance from a Historical Perspective : The Example of Swat State and Kalam 

8 Experiences with Advocacy and Activism :  The Sarhad awami Forestry Ittehad 

9 Forestry and Policy and Practivce ?  


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