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Pakistan Unique Origins ; Unique Destiny ?

Pakistan Unique Origins ;  Unique Destiny ?
Year: 2011
Price: USD 19.00

Publisher : National Book Foundation

First edition 2011

Binding : Hardback






What is so special about Pakistan?


First Category : Historical Nation-States

Second Category : Nation-States Created Though mass migration

Third Category : Permutated Nation-States

Fourth Category : Post-Colonial Nation-States

Fifth Category : New Nation-States Emerging From The Disintegration of larger States

Sixth Category: Nation-States Created on the basis of Religion


8 Reasons that make Pakistan`s origins Unique

2 Not-So-Good Reasons that make Pakistan`s History Unique

Blank Page : If in your opinion, There are additional aspects of uniqueness, there are additional Aspects of uniqueness, Please write about them in your own words

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