Pakistani Urdu Verse An Anthology

  • Pakistani Urdu Verse An Anthology
  • Year: 2010
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The book is an anthology of the twentieth century Urdu verse from Pakistan, representing sixty-three poets from the region. The selection focuses on the verse-form called the nazm, and is a compilation of a diverse range of themes and practices that popularized the genre as it developed through the modern and post-modern literary trends of the century. The Urdu nazm entered a new phase of evolution when poets like Noon Meem Rashed and Meeraji broke away from the traditional confines of this form and opted for something more amenable to themes defining a new sensibility. Structurally, thematically and linguistically, the twentieth century Urdu nazm, either suggests a complete shift from earlier practices or is a fusion of the new and the traditional. The selection in this anthology represents these trends, some of which became popular, whereas, some remained and continue to remain significant as agents of change.


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