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The Religious Other

The Religious Other
Year: 2009
Price: USD 15.00

Number of pages : 394

Binding : Hardback

Publisher :Iqbal Academy

Catageory : Religon

Content :

Diversity of Revelation

With All The Mind

Postmodernism and the World`s Religions

Creation of the World and of Human Being

Religion and Religions

Islam and the Encounter of Religions

Islam`s Attitude Toward Other Religions in History

Islam and the Other Religions

Qur`anic Inclusivism in an Age of Globalization

Illumination and Non-Delimitation Lessons for Inter and Intra Faith Dialogue

Studying the Western Other, Understanding the Islamic Self: A Qur’anically Reasoned Perspective

A Response to Basit Koshul’s “Studying the Western Other”

Islam as Our Other :  Islam as Ourself

Ibn’Arabi / Iqbal On Religious Diversity

Religions Diversity

Is Religion Possible?

The Allahabad Address 1930

Unlocking The Doors - New Keys For Understanding The Settled Convictions

Unlocking the Doors

Perspectives on Settled Convictions

Changes and Challenges

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