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Ilm-Ul-Usul Al-Fiqh Islami

Ilm-Ul-Usul Al-Fiqh Islami
Year: 2013
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Ilm-ul-Usul Al-Fiqh Islami  ( Islamic Jurisprudence )

Author : Ch. Sarfraz Ahmad

Publisher : 

Year : 2013

Pages : 408

Binding : Hard Bound 

Contents : 

Chapter -1

(a) History of Growth of the Muslim Legal System 

(b) Development of Fiqh 

(c) Origin of Islamic Law 

(d) The Emergence of Four Schools pf Fiqh 

Chapter -2 

Science of Law and Classification 

Chapter 3 

Sources of Islamic Law

(a) The Holy Quran, and Sunnah, As Source of Law

(b) Ijtehad ands Custom 

Chapter 4

 Juristic Deductions Qiyas, Istihsan, Istedlal, Ijtehad and Taqleed

Chapter 5

Acts, Rights and Obligations

Chapter 6

Legal Capacity

Chapter 7

Ownership and Possession

Chapter 8

Torts and Crime

Chapter 9

Punishments ( Unqubah )

Chapter 10

Procedure and Administrative Law

Chapter 11

Foreign Policy of Muslim State


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