The Realm of Gold

  • The Realm of Gold
  • Year: 2012
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ISBN No :  978-969-8460-25-9

Author :  M. Siddiq Kalim

Publisher :  Pakistan Writers cooperative Society

Year :  2012

Binding : Hard Bound

Language : English  

Contents :

1. South Asia & Africa

Babar Nama

Tuzuke Jahangiri

The Contemporary Relevance of Ghalib 

The World of Iqbal’s Poetry

Socio-Cultural Value of Waris Shah’s Epic

Kabir’s Peoms

Chinue Achebe as a Novelist

2. Europe

  Shakespeare’s Dramatic Genius

  W.B. Yeats through his Letters

  W.B. Yeats as a Symbolist Poet T.S. Eliot’s Early Poems

  An Approach to The Waste land

  Betjeman’s Poetry

  The Poetry of Sylvia Plath

3. Americas

  William Carlos William as a Poet

  Lowell’s Poems ( 1917-77 )

  Theodore Roethke-A Romantic Poet of America

   The Poems of Hart crane

   Wallace Stevens as a Poet

   A Case Book of the Beats The Motif of Peace in Hemingway

   Faulkner’s Fictional Techique

   Pablo Nerua-A Nobel Laureate  

4. Antiquity ( Roman and Greek )

    A Glance at Classical Roman Comedy

    Horace’s Ars Poetica

    Horace ‘s Satire

5. Epilogue 

    Mysticism-Humanitarianism over Ages