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Perceptions of Islam And Muslims In Europe

Perceptions of Islam And Muslims In Europe
Year: 2012
Price: USD 15.00

ISBN : 978-969-8551-23-0

Author : Moonis Ahmar 

Publisher : Area Study Center for Europe University Of Karachi 

Year of Publication : 2012

Pages : 160

Binding : Hard Bound

Contents :


1 Flying Carpets lost in a Desert 

2 Islam Secularism and the State : France as a Case Study 

3 Islam in Germany : The Perceptions of Different Political Parties 

4 Treatment of Muslim Minorities in the European Union in the light of European and

    International Human Rights conventions 

5 Muslim Communities in Europe 

6 State and Societal Percetion of Islam and Muslim in Europe 

7 Islam and the west : The Post-Cold War Era 

8 The Issues of Hijab and Burqa in Europ 


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