• Who Assassinated Benazir Bhutto
  • Jihad: Myth & Reality
  • Ottoman Turkey, Atatürk, and Muslim South Asia
  • High Life In Pakistan
  • Before Memory Fades
  • Revisiting Pakistan's National Security Dilemma

Muslims Today

Muslims Today
Year: 2011
Price: USD 20.00

Publisher : Emel

Author : Chandra Muzaffar

Year of Publication : 2011

Binding : Hard Bound


Chapter 1 :The concept of Equality in Islamic Thought

Chapter 2.Islam : Justics and Politics

Chapter 3.Morality in public Life:The Challenge Facing Muslims

Chapter 4:The Media,Islam and the West

Chapter 5.Portraying Islam:Fighting Prejudice

Chapter 6. A Non Violent Struggle

Chapter 7.Islamic Movements and Social Change

Chapter 8.Iqbal and the challenge of Reform

Chapter 9.The Values Approach to Islam

Chapter 10.Islam and Confucianism Ehtnic Relations in Malaysia

Chapter 11.Encounters between Religions and Civilisations

Chapter 12.Shaping A global Ethic

Chapter 13.Quo Vadis the Dialogue of Civilisations ?



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