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The Essence of Rumi's Masneui ( Including his Life and Works )

The Essence of Rumi's Masneui ( Including his Life and Works )
Year: 2005
Price: USD 22.00

Author : Dr.Erkan Turkmen

Publisher : Jumhoori Publications

Year of Publication : 2005

Pages : 371

Binding : Hard Bound

Contents :

 Chapter 1 Political Context of Alaal-Din’s Empire from Balkh to Konya Bahaeddin and his teaching

Chapter 2

Konya and Anatolia ( Political History ) Schools of Religion The Reign of Giyas Al-Din Kaykhusrez II The Period of rule Rumi and the Royal Fmily Social Context

Chapter 3

Life and works of rumi Selah Al-Din Zerkub Ziya Ul-Haq Husameddin RumiSWorks

Chapter 4

The Frist Eighteen Vrses of an Immature Man

Chapter 5

Step I : The State of an Immature man   

Chapter 6

Step II : The Awakening

Chapter 7

Step III : The Desires and Quest

Chapter 8

Step IV : Improvement of soul through indifference  to Worldly Riches

Chapter 9

Step V : Love


Chapter 10

Step VI : Devition and Submission

Chpter 11

Step VII : Bewilderment and need of a Spiritual guide

Chapter 12

Step VIII : Observattion of God in every Phenomenon

Chapter 13

Step IX : Unification


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