Suggestions for Discourse on Philosophy History and Society

  • Suggestions for Discourse on Philosophy History and Society
  • Year: 2012
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ISBN : 978-969-496-439-3

Author : Ashfaq Saleem Mirza 

Publisher : Dost Publications 

Year : 2012

Binding : Hard Bound 

Pages : 204

Contents : 


The Civil Society- A Re-examination 

Linking Dialectics With Materialism - A Study of Two Basic Concepts of Marxist Thought 

Colonialism in the Present Context of Pakistan 

1857 - Two Opposite Perceptions The Great Divide in Pakistani Society 

Status Quo or Change 

Shariat Bill, Islam and Consitution 

Private Property in Rig Vedic Era 

Loving The Earth 

Sufism As An Antidote 

Loving to Kill 

Poetyry and Philosophy 

Was Machiavelli Wrong ? 

Blunting Postmodernism 

The Condemned and the Crucified of the Modern World 

Vacillatating Primitiveness 

Who is a Muslim ? 

A Renfdezvous with Educations 

A long Slumber 

Nationa State vs State Nation 

Breaking the Barrier 

Blame Game of Ideology 

Time of Uncertainty 

Sovereignty Belongs to Whom 

Trumpeting Primordialism 

Learning Through Translations 

Living in Manto' s World 

Autumn of discontent 

wall Street Protests and Economism Shifting Paradigm of Communist 

Party of China 

Reforming thew Textbooks

Mirage of Peace 

Chronicle of A Destiny Foretold  

Pounding Free Market, Democracy and Human Rights 

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