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Balochistan Conundrum The Real Perspective

Balochistan Conundrum The Real Perspective
Year: 2013
Price: USD 22.00

Author : Maria Malik

Publisher : Poorab Academy , Islamabad

Year : 2013

Pages : 247

Binding : Hard Bound

Contents :


Chapter 1 : Conceptual Framework

                  Nations and Nationalism

                  The Balochistan Insurgency

Chapter 2 : Historical Framework

                  The Early History

                  The Khanate of Kalat

                  Balochistan Under British-Indian Empire

Chapter 3 : The Balochistan Province of Pakistan

                  Balochistan As A Part of Pakistan

                  The First Baloch Uprising -1948

                  The Second Baloch Unrest -1958-69

                  Third Baloch Uprising -1973-77

Chapter 4 : The Recent Armed Insurgency in Balochistan : Causes & Consequences

                  Nawab Akbar Bugti”s Killing and The Aftermath

                  The Politics Landscape and The Nationalist Actors

                  The Ongoing Insurgency – Scale And Scope

                  Different Factors of The Balochistan Conflict

                  The Social and Cultural Factors

                  The Economic Factors

                  The Economic Factors

                  The Political Factors

                  Human Rights Violations as a Factors

                  The Foreign Factors

                  Consequences and Implications

Chapter 5 : The Future Prospects-Findings & Recommendations

                   Finding & Recommendations


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