Pakistan : Dimensions of History

  • Pakistan : Dimensions of History
  • Year: 2013
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ISBN : 9789698791421

Author :  Syed Jaffar Ahmed

Publisher :  PAkistan Study Centre

Year : 2013

Pages : 393

Binding : Hard Bound 

Contents : 


1  History – the State of the Discipline : an Overview

2  Failure of Fatimid Druzi Da’ wah in Sindh as Reflecte in the Contemporary Document Risalat Al-Hind

3  Evolution of Hindh Temple Architecture

4  Cultural Significance of the Funerary Treasures from Quetta Serena Site in Balochistan

5  Development of Unani Medicine During the early 16th Century India, with Special Reference to Ain Al-Ayat

6   A History of Muslims in the Indian Ocean Before the Coming of European

     Powers to South and Southeast  Asia

7  Nawab Bahadur Abdul Lateef ( 1824-93 ) : Precursor of Muslim Renaissance in South Asia

8  An overview of the Cultural and Educational Challenges of the Early 20th

  Century and the All India Muslim    Educational Conference ( 1900-1925 )

9   Sources into Monograph : Case Study of Sher Shah 

10  Hindu as the 'Other' in Pakistan History text Books : A Conceptual analysis 

11  Emergence of Institutional Imbalance and Manipulating Powers of International Connections 

12  The Role of Iranian Migrant Scholars in the Advancement of Sciences During the Qutb Shahi Period in Deccan 

13  Pakistan - Bangladesh Relations : History as a Hangover and Future Prospects 

14  The Radio in the Subcontinent 

15  Encounter with Mughal Orient : A Study of European Travelers' Representation of Jahangir' s India 

16  Means to an End or End in Itself : The Dilemma of Muslim Women 's Educationin British India ( 1869-1908 ) 

17  Pak-Afghan Relations : Issues and Prospects of Future Rapprochement 

18  Role of Nur Jahan : The Mughul Empress of India 

19  Education in the Princely State of Swat 

20  Decoits in Sindh : A Historical Study 

21  Rock-Cut Engravings ( Reliefs & Stelae ) Discovered From the Jambil Village, District Swat 

22  The Sikh Separatism in Historical Persective 

23  Pakistan Maritime History 



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