• Who Assassinated Benazir Bhutto
  • Jihad: Myth & Reality
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  • High Life In Pakistan
  • Before Memory Fades
  • Revisiting Pakistan's National Security Dilemma

Witness to Carnage

Witness to Carnage
Year: 2011
Price: USD 20.00

Number of pages: 376

Binding: Paerback


  1. Preface
  2. Prologue

Part I-The Gathering Strom

  1. Chapter I- Seeds of Session
  2. Chapter II- The Bitter Harvest
  3. Chapter III- The Ides of March
  4. Chapter IV- Operation Searchlight

Part II- “Whiff of the Grapeshot”

  1. Chapter V- Dacca and Mymensingh
  2. Chapter VI- Chittagong
  3. Chapter VII- Comilla and Sylhet
  4. Chapter VIII- Jessore and Khulna
  5. Chapter IX- North Bengal
  6. Chapter X- The Rise of Mukti Bahini
  7. Epilogue
  8. Notes
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