Sher Shah Suri : A Fresh Perspective

  • Sher Shah Suri : A Fresh Perspective
  • Year: 2012
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ISBN No :  9780199066278

Author :  Basheer Ahmad Khan Matta  

Publisher :  Oxford

Year :  2012

Pages : 264

Binding : Paper Back

Language : English  

Description :

This is an account of Sher Shah Suri—a man of surpassing personal excellence, a great military commander, an exemplary ruler and the greatest leader ever produced by the Afghans. This book seeks to examine and evaluate his performance in all these capacities: to explore the pith and essence of the great man and determine his place in the currents of Indian history, as well as in the independent stream of Afghan history. At his death in 1545, Sher Shah left behind an empire stretching from the Indus to the Bay of Bengal. However, Sher Shah’s place in history rests not on his military exploits alone, but on the exemplary efficiency of his rule, the many far-reaching improvements that he effected in all spheres of government, and the splendid measures that he instituted for the good of the general public.