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State Vandalism of History in Pakistan

State Vandalism of History in Pakistan
Year: 2012
Price: USD 24.00

ISBN No :  978-969-402-554-4

Author :  Mahmood Zaman

Publisher : Vanguard Books

Year :  2012

Binding : Hard Bound

Language : English  

Contents :

Chapter 1 : Punjab Survey

Dating of Monuments




Chapter 2 : Salt Range

Dhok bun ameer khatoon


More Fossil Sites

Dispute of Jurisdiction

Chapter 3: Other Major Sites


      Rest House




      Sports Stadium


      Land Acquisition problem

      Rehman dheri

      Shahbaz garh


       Rock Carvings and Inscriptions

       Rock Art Gallery

Chapter 4 : Harappa

       Railway track

       Land acquisition


       World Heritage


Chapter 5  : Shahdara Complex

       Tomb of Jahangir

        VVIP Gate

        Tomb of Asif Jah

        Tom of Noor Jahan

        Akbari Sarai

        Sikh and British Occupation

        Master Plan

        Supreme Court

Chapter 6 : Buildings at Sheikhupura

         Hiran Minar

         Tank and Corner Pavilions

         Main Gateway and Causeway

         Sheikupura Fort

         Advanced stage of Decay

         Master Plan

Chapter 7 : Shalamar Gardens

         More Gardens



         Sikh rule

         British Period

         Mela Chiraghan

         Hydaulic system

         Unesc’s Penalty

         Master plan

Chapter 8 : Lahore Fort


British Treatment

Political Prison


Quick fix


Master Plan

Chapter 9 : Laws Governing Archaeology and Monuments

Antiquities Act,1975

National Fund


Cultural Policy

Department of Archaeology & Museums

Pakistan Institute of Archaeological and Training Research ( PIATR )

Annual Funds for Heritage

Chapter 10 : Heritage Preservation in Pakistan

From National and International Perspectives

Doctorinal Documents on Preservation of Cultural Heritage and their

Relevance to Pakistan

Architectural Remins and Monuments

Historic Twns and Urban Areas

Cultural Landscapes and Gardens

Archaeological Sites

Cultural Heritage in Areas of Armed Conflit

Tourism and Heritage Places

Preservation Princiles and Practice in Asia

Chapter 11 : International and National Legal Discipline

ICOMOS Charter

Management of Archaeological Heritage

More Charters

International Normative Instruments

Chapter 12 :  Protection of Historical Monuments and Sites


Chapter 13 : Unesco’s Role in Pakistan

UNESCO Campaign for Moenjodero

The International Safeguarding Campaign ( 1979-1997 )

Taxila Institute of Asian Civilization 

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