Lahore Resolution To Lahore Declaration And After

  • Lahore Resolution To Lahore Declaration And After
  • Year: 2007
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Author : Dr. Mohammad Uzair 

Publisher : Royal Book Company

Year of Publication :2007

Binding : Hard Bound 

Pages: 390

Contents : 

1 : The Cripps Mission, 1942

2 : Draft Declaration for Discussion with Indian Leaders, 30 March 1942

3 : Resolution of the working Committee of the Indian National Congress, 2 April 1942

4 : Resolution of the Working Committee of the All-India Muslim

5 : Mr. C. Rajgopal Achariar’s Formula to Bring About a Hindu – Muslim Settlement, 8 july 1945

6 : The Wavell Plan, 1945

7: The Simla Conference, 1945

8 : Resolution Passed by the All-India Muslim League Legislator’s Convention Held at Delhi on the 9th of April 1946 under the Presidentship of Quaid-i-Azam M.A Jinnah

9 The Cabinet Mission 1946 

III Final Steps Towards Independence 

IV Independence and Advent of Pakistan 

V Kadhmir Problem 

1 Correspondence between the Government of India and the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir regarding the Accesssion of the State to the Dominion of India , October 1947

2 Instrument of Accession of jammu and 152 Kashmir 26 October 1947 

VI Initial Agreements Between India and Pakistan 

VII Problem of east Pakistan and War 

1 The text of the six point Formula 

2 Mr.Bhutto's Speech in Security Council 

IX Fall of East Pakistan and Advent of Mr.Bhutto in New Pakistan 

XI Formation of Saarc 

XII lahore Declaration 

XIII Islamabad Summit and Declaration Social Charter 

XIV Musharraf Manmohan joint statement 


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