The 1965 INDO-PAKISTAN WAR A Historical Appraisal

  • The 1965 INDO-PAKISTAN WAR  A Historical Appraisal
  • Year: 2014
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Author :Mohammad Reza Kazimi

Publisher : Sama books

Year : 2014

Binding : Soft cover 

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The 1965 Indo-Pakistan War is one of the most curious wars in history. Initially both sides claimed victory, subsequently both sides admitted defeat. By 1990 General Beg of Pakistan and Admiral Nandkarni of India had said that their respective countries had fared badly in the war. Although it was overtaken by another war in 1971?a war that proved to be decisive proved decisive?it is the earlier war that remains controversial. A number of questions both of a diplomatic and strategic nature have been posed with the result that though the 1965 War is in living memory, a number of areas have become obscure. Since 2015 is to be the 50thanniversary of the 1965 War, a handy monograph addressing the main points of controversy is being presented.

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