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A Princely Affair The Accession and Integration of the Princely States of Pakistan, 1947–1955

A Princely Affair The Accession and Integration of the Princely States of Pakistan, 1947–1955
Year: 2015
Price: USD 40.00

Author : Yaqoob Khan Bangash

Publisher : Oxford 

Year : 2015

Binding : Hard Cover 

Description : 

West Pakistan, on 15 August 1947, was less than half its present size. Nearly a year of negotiations, arguments, threats, and even chance, brought nine princely states into the Pakistani fold. Thereafter followed a long and staggered process of integration.

Using hitherto unused and inaccessible primary sources, this path-breaking book completes the story of the creation of Pakistan. In charting the accession and integration of the princely states, this book shows, for the first time in detail, the complicated and often botched processes of the early consolidation of Pakistan. The problems emanating from this early period, haphazard constitutional integration, weak local political forces, the insurgency in Balochistan since 1948, and a weak sense of national identity and citizenship remain with Pakistan today.

‘While there is a considerable body of literature on the accession and integration of the princely states to the Indian Union, hardly anything comparable exists on the Pakistani side of the story. Rectifying this imbalance in South Asian historiography, Yaqoob Khan Bangash makes a welcome contribution to the literature on state formation in Pakistan with significant comparative insights on why it differed so markedly from the Indian experience. Based on hitherto unused archival sources, he tells the important but untold story of Pakistan's former princely states with clarity and rare insights. A solid piece of historical research, the book is must reading for anyone interested in how Pakistan negotiated the postcolonial transition and the ways in which this affected the nature of the state and its relations with the different constituent units, and especially the former princely states.’

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