Swat State (1915–1969)

  • Year: 2008
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ISBN : 9780195471137

Author : Sultan-i-Rome

Publisher : OXFORD

Year : 2008

Pages : 378

Binding : Hard Cover 

Description : 

There is very little about the state of Swat that cannot be learned from reading this book. Beginning with details of its nomenclature, geography, climate, natural vegetation, regional ethnicity and lineages, it continues with an account of the genesis of the state of Swat in an historical, geo-political and strategic context and analyses its consolidation and expansion. The State’s relations with the neighbouring states of Dir and Amb, the British government, and later with Pakistan are analyzed and evaluated. In addition, Swat State’s constitutional status, the reasons for its merger with Pakistan, the Wali’s role in the merger, and both the positive and negative consequences of the merger are examined and discussed. For the social historian, the development of the State's civil, military, financial, and judicial administration systems is critically examined, as are the changes brought about in education, language, religion, health, communication, trade and industry, horticulture and agriculture, tourism, leadership, and women’s rights, as well as the impact of the permanent settlement on the land and the people.

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