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  • Revisiting Pakistan's National Security Dilemma

History,Politics And Society : The Punjab

History,Politics And Society : The Punjab
Year: 2009
Price: USD 22.00

Author : Qab-i-Abid

Publisher : Pakistan Study Centre University of Punjab

Year of Publication  : 2009

Pages :  368

Binding :  Hard Bound

Contents :


The Strange Career of the Rule of Law in Colonial Punjab

David Gilmartin

The role of Punjabi Language in self identification of punjabi community


Maharaja Duleep Singh's Russian Connection:A Threat to the British Raj ?


Economic Prospects of Pakistani Punjab:Historic Heritage,Institutions and the Regional Diemsions of Growth

Beate Reszat

Reflections on the Failure of Secular Laedership in Pre Partition "Muslim" Punjab

Khizar Humayun Ansari

Winds of Change ? The Role of Women Activists in Lahore Before and After Partition

Sarah Ansari



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