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Look at the City from Here Karachi Writings

Look at the City from Here Karachi Writings
Year: 2010
Price: USD 25.00
Karachi is a city of myriad metaphors. It is a city which will be the pride of the East, wrote a visitor in the last century while recently it has been described as �the saddest of the cities�. It is the city nobody loves, says another analyst. Millions and millions continue to live and work in this city, hating and loving it at the same time. But who understands its story? Karachi has drawn many writers across languages and genres, ranging from Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai to Kamila Shamsie, Qurratulain Hyder to Asad Muhammad Khan and Hasan Manzar, Faiz Ahmed Faiz to Fehmida Riaz, Sir Richard Burton to T. E. Lawrence. This anthology of writings in and about Karachi presents the many moods and features of the city through writings which are interesting in themselves and collectively highlight the city of many realities and multiple identities.


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