Lahore Topophilia of Space and Place

  • Lahore Topophilia of Space and Place
  • Year: 2012
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The book is a reconstruction of the historical and cultural images of Lahore. The author has chosen an interdisciplinary approach that combines studies in cultural anthropology, literary and historical sources, art history and humanistic geography. The central point of the analysis is topophilia, the term used to describe the strong sense of place or identity among certain peoples and groups. In this book, the topophilia of Lahore is represented through interrelations of different types of urban locations, landscapes, architecture and artifacts on the one hand and human attitudes, rituals and manners and customs on the other. The author�s aim is to show how the historical and cultural developments of people build up the cultural landscape of the city and how the geographical place and space, in their turn, influence the behaviour and identity of Lahore�s citizens.


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