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The Islamic Architectural Heritage of Pakistan - Funerary Memorial Architecture

The Islamic Architectural Heritage of Pakistan - Funerary Memorial Architecture
Year: 2001
Price: USD 45.00

ISBN : 969-407-262-x

Author : Shaikh Khurshid Hasan

Publisher : Royal Book Company

Year : 2001

Pages : 209

Binding : Hard Cover

Description : 

About The Author :

Shaikh khurshid Hasan is a well known Archaeologist and scholar with more than 35 years service in the federal Department of archaeology and Museums holding various senior positions his contribution has been varied and multifaceted from archaeological research conservation and preservation of cultural Heritage to the development of museums organization of special exhibitions and serving many a commissions and Committees set-up by the Govt. of Pakistan and specialized Organizations He has participated in a number of international and national conferences seminar and Symposia He also chaired some of their Academic sessions Mr. Hasan served in 1985 as Unesco consultant in Bangladesh and Srilanka providing excellent plans of action for the preservation of their cultural heritage Islamic art and architecture is however. Mr. Hasan field of specialization with this in view he has not only studied the Islamic monuments of Pakistan

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