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Books That Changed My Life : Life And Life Lessons

Books That Changed My Life : Life And Life Lessons
Year: 2013
Price: USD 20.00

Author : Major General (R) Muhammad Tahir

Publisher : National Book Foundation 

Pages : 471

Binding : Hard cover

Review by Mazhar Ul Islam

Preface- Author

Foreword - Dr Habib Khan Edm & EdD (Harvard)

Introduction- Why Read Books

Life Must Lose Its Relevance

Great Minds-Philosophers

The Western Philosophic Thought

The Eastern Philosophic Thought

The great Speeches

My Perceptions-Life and Life Lessons Islamic Philosophy of Life

Life is a Gift of God

Purpose of Life

Values, Culture and Society

Happiness or Cessation from Pain

Hope and Despair

Cultivating, Optimism


Honesty and Truthfulness


Kindness and Compassion

Humility Versus Pride


Self Respect

Respect for Humanity

Must Respect be Earned

Respect for Humanity Versus Respect for Merit Kantian, Moral Frame work



Embrace Change and Destiny



Fear and Courage


The Lower region of Human Nature

The Malaise and the Remedy-A Society in Tatters

The Remedy

Drama Extracts from Shakespears Plays

Poets Thought in Tranquility


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