Punjab Politics Dyarchy to Partition

  • Punjab Politics Dyarchy to Partition
  • Year: 2012
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Author : Qalb-i-Abib, Massarat Abid

Publisher : Pakistan Study Centre & Research Society of Pakistan

Year : 2012

ISBN : 978-969-425-108-0

Binding : Hard Bound

Pages : 473

Contents : 

Chapter 1

Communal Politics in the Punjab, 1870-1919

Prelude to Communal Antagonism

Towards Better Relations Between Hindus and Muslims

Chapter 2

Fruits of Dyarchy : Punjabi Muslims Benefiting From Montagu-Chelmsford Reforms

Chapter 3

Communal Relations and the Working of 1919 Act

Towards Better Relations between the Hindus and the Government

Chapter 4

Safeguarding National Interests: Extension of Reforms

Chapter 5

The Nehru Report and After

The Report of the Punjab Reforms Committee

Reactions to the Nehru Report

The Punjab 1929-1931: Unconstitutional Struggle

Consensus Building

Communal Decision

Chapter 6

Negotiating a Space for Punjab Muslim league

Circumstance leading to sikandar jinnah alliance

Unionist Agenda of Rural Development

Unionist Dissidents Challenging their Leadership

CM Punjab helping Muslim League

Chapter 7

The Second World War and Sikandar's Balancing Skills

Chapter 8

The Tiwana Ministry & Muslim League


Key Players


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