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Fragments of the Afghan Frontier

Fragments of the Afghan Frontier
Year: 2013
Price: USD 25.00



ISBN : 9780199068210

Author :  Marnus Marsden and Benjamin D. Hopkins

Publisher : OXFORD    

Year :  2013

Pages : 316

Binding : Hard Bound

Language : English 

Description :

 This is a history and ethnography of the North-West Frontier between Afghanistan and Pakistan, an area of increasing strategic interest to the West.Despite the long and intimate history of engagement along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan’s North-West, this area and its relationship to the world remain poorly understood in the popular Western imagination. Through the construction of a collage of historical narratives and intense ethnographic encounters, Marsden and Hopkins argue that the simplistic stereotypes and tropes, which too often masquerade as knowledge about the Frontier, not only conceal a more complex reality, but are also a source of the problems that local and international actors alike face there. Not some simple isolated depot of radical terrorists or instrumental tribesmen, the Frontier is a space of richly textured meaning, constructed through a history of movement of its inhabitants and their understanding of the world beyond. Fragments of the Afghan Frontier offers a corrective to simplistic understanding both of the region’s history and its current realities, leaving the reader with a deeper understanding of the ever-evolving complexity of this globally significant region.

Through a rich and diverse ‘collage of images’, this book provides a fascinating exposition and analysis of a set of issues of the North-West Frontier. This study is timely as much of the attention of the world turns to this region.



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