Man in the Hat

  • Man in the Hat
  • Year: 2013
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ISBN : 978-969-402-563-6

Author :  Noel Cossins

Publisher : Vanguard Books    

Year :  2013

Pages : 710

Binding : Hard Bound

Language : English  

Contents :

1 Four boys and a Panther


    The Reluctant Scholar

    Badminton by Moonlight


2 The Heaven Born

     The Golden Rule

     The Dancer

     Odysseus’s Son 

     Cavagnari’s Ghost

     A First Class Trench

     Afridi Khan ‘s List

     The DC’s Daughters

3 Time Over: Time Out

     Yes, We will Hang You

     Time Out

     The Garden of Eden

4 The Man in the Hat


      The Prince

      Impossible Dream

      The Prince’s Jeweller

       Pleasantly Insane

       The Rooms at the Inn

       A Man Driven

       Beyond Belief

       Terra Incognita

5 Shoaib Sahib

       Dreaming of Camelot

       A Diamond in the Slipper

       The Doomsday Clock

       Legends of the Poor

6 Epilogue

      The Story Teller’s Story 



About the Author :

As a Very young man, Noel Cossins Set out to find the ends of the earth . He never did . Instead he found friendship, in Africa, in South East and Central Asia, in poor mountain villages, in desert nomadic encampments, in desert nomadic encampments, in the wonderful warmth and hospitality of people at all levels . In Africa he also found the love of his life, Felicity who has shared his wandering life for more than forty years . They live now in an extensive wildife refuge on the eastern edges of Australia’s Great Dividing Range . He Happened on Gilgit when Shoaib was at his peak, the king of the mountains . He hadon idea then,thatone day he would be asked to Write Shoaib’s extraordinaru Story .