Spirituality in Religion

  • Spirituality in Religion
  • Year: 2012
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ISBN : 9789699512018  

Author : Shahid Ullah Faridi  

Published : Talifat-E-Shahidi, Lahore

Year : (2012)

Pages :  154

Binding :  Hardcover

Description : 

Hazrat Shahidullah Faridi (R.A) Was an Eminent Sufi Shaikh in the Chishti Sabiri Sufi Order. Born in 1915, he became a murid (pupil) of Hazrat Syed Mohammed Zauqi Shah (R.A) : The Association Lasted Fourteen Years. The Responsibilities of SpiriTual Succession (Khilafat) of His Shaikh were entrusted to him when he was forty years old. He Remained a Rewsident of Karachi for 31 Years until his passing away in 1978, He is Buried at the Sakhi Hasan graveyard, Karachi. 
Hazrat Shahidullah Faridi (R.A) is also known for his earlier works "Everyday Practice in Islam ", "The Moral Message of God and His Prophet " and "Inner Aspects of Faith ". The Present work is a Collection of his Discourses, Letters and Writings. As the title suggests, the book contents highlight the Spiritural side of Religion. The Material can be Easily understood and Appreciated by anybody Interested in Contemporary Sufi Literature, 

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