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Iqbal' s Concept of God

Iqbal' s Concept of God
Year: 2010
Price: USD 13.00

Iqbal’s Concept of God
Hardback, 350 pages, Apr 2010
ISBN: 9780195476941 

The book is an examination of Iqbal’s concept of God: it is a finite one—based on his reading of Western thought. Iqbal relates his philosophical conclusions to the Quran and Muslim thought. Iqbal’s finite deity is very close to the Sufi concept of God; both doctrines cannot be reconciled with the Quranic teaching. The underlying conceptual issues lead to a discussion of mysticism.The concluding chapter goes beyond Iqbal in expounding the philosophical logic of ‘the problem of God’.
About the Author / Editor
The author is a British citizen of Indo-Burmese origin and was born in Rangoon on the 28th December 1937. He was educated at Trinity College Cambridge, London and Edinburgh Universities. After qualifying as a medical doctor he took a research degree in Philosophy of Religion at King’s College, London. His professional career was part – clinical and part – academic: working as a psychiatrist in the British National Health Service. On the academic front his main research universities were Edinburgh and Harvard. He has an extensive publication record and is currently working on a major book- project on Al Ghazali (commissioned by his former British publishers Kegan Paul International).
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