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Empowering Women Weavers

Empowering Women Weavers
Year: 2005
Price: USD 22.00

ISBN No :  9693517083

Author :  Liz Williamson & Kishwar Naheed

Publisher : SMP

Year : 2005

Binding : Hard Bound

Language : English        

Description :

Handloom has been a profession with patriarchal connotations attached to it. It was registered and typed as the skill of menial works. Essentially, a skill unfit for women, and so much in grind in the minds of even the poorest that they didn't allow their women to learn the skill. Hawwa associates initiated an effort to introduce women as entrepreneurs in the textile sector, train them in the skill of weaving and give them the initial financial support. The objective of this book is to provide the technical and social scenario of what women weavers have been through despite continuous discouragement of male members. This is a story of defiance, an effort to change the role model, the spirit to be selfconfident, and the start of a movement.

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