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China-Pakistan Relations: A Historical Analysis

China-Pakistan Relations: A Historical Analysis
Year: 2017
Price: USD 30.00

ISBN  : 9780199402496

Author : Ghulam Ali

Publisher : OXFORD 

Year : 2017

Binding : Hard Cover 


This book examines the nature of the China-Pakistan relationship from the 1950s until April 2015 when the Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Pakistan. Ghulam Ali takes a historical approach and traces the growth of the alliance underpinned by domestic, regional, and international factors. Contemporary issues pertinent to the alliance have also been examined with a special focus on the successful launch of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). While discussing CPEC, the author delves into the expansion of Sino-Pak cooperation especially in economic and trade relations and people-to-people contacts.

China-Pakistan Relations offers a riveting account of Sino-Pakistan ties and will also pique the interests of students, academics, and policy makers.

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