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Author: TAHIR

ISBN: 9789696370611

Year: 2015


Description : 

The writer, Admiral Muhammad Afzal Tahir NI(M) is a former Chief of Naval Staff who spent more than 41 years in service of the country before making a final change in tack to resume civilian life. His service in the Pakistan Navy took him to lands far and apart thus exposing him to societies and cultures both advanced as well as backward compared to the obtaining native society. In the last decade of his service in senior ranks he witnessed, from close range, the manifestation of international relations and as Navy Chief, occupied the position of the helmsman of Pakistan's naval diplomacy. As a discerning and educated citizen, he was thus exposed to the monumental developments within the country and internationally spanning last five decades.
Principally, he is deeply disturbed by the steep spiritual as well as behavioral decline of the Pakistani society. In his view, this decline is manifest in our less than honourable behaviour as citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This decline is evident from our collective conduct as neighbours, as residents, as professionals, as highest to lowest government functionaries, as politicians, as elected representatives, as political activists, as opinion makers, as propagandists, as lawyers, as judges, as doctors, as school teachers, as students, as businessmen, as contractors, as shopkeepers, as vendors, as drivers, as pedestrians, as managers, as workers, as parents, as off springs, and so on. He has endeavoured to track this decline highlighting the reasons for it as he goes along. 
He stresses upon an immediate arrest of declining behavioral norms anchored on religious, patriotic and nationalistic pillars, lest it undermine our status as an independent and honourable country.