The Press in Chains

  • The Press in Chains
  • Year: 2010
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ISBN : 9780195477245 

Author : Zamir Niazi

Publisher : Oxford University Press, Pakistan

Year : 2010

Binding : Hard Cover 

This book investigates the nature of curbs and censorship imposed by successive governments on the press during British rule in India, and during the first two-three decades of Pakistan’s independence. This well-researched book highlights measures taken by various governments against press freedom till the end of the Ayub Khan era. The volume features the origins of the local press in the subcontinent and highlights the contribution of the early crusaders of press freedom. It also discusses M.A. Jinnah’s views on the freedom of the press and his efforts to promote it before and after the creation of Pakistan. The author also focuses on the action taken by governments against some newspapers during the initial phase of parliamentary democracy/civilian rule that ended in 1958. The book includes the story of the takeover of Progressive Papers Limited by the government, the creation of the National Press Trust, and the acquisition of the news agency APP by the Ayub government. Certain legislative measures and the system of press advices adopted by different governments to restrict freedom of expression are discussed in detail. This book is essential reading for people in government as well as representatives of the media, students, and teachers in the field.

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