Stop Press A Life in Journalism

  • Stop Press A Life in Journalism
  • Year: 2008
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Inam Aziz described his autobiography as �a piece of reportage to show what different and interesting experiences anyone wishing to be associated with the profession of journalism in a developing country has to pass through�. Inam�s journalism began with the birth of Pakistan and remained his passion and his abiding commitment throughout his life. He rose to the top of the profession because of his hard work and brilliant editing and writing skills. He moved to London in the 1960s to work for the Urdu Service of the BBC, but left to start Millat, an Urdu daily. During the rule of General Ziaul Haq (1977�88), it was the only voice of dissent in Pakistan or abroad. Inam believed that whether countries have right-wing or left-wing governments, those who arrogate to themselves the right to rule invariably try to become the keepers of the nation�s conscience. They begin to view themselves as the people�s intellectual leaders and guides, as they try to determine what will reach the people and what will not. In that respect, conservative societies are often little different from their counterparts to the left. However, no matter how stringent the restrictions governments impose, they never succeed in silencing voices of protest.Inam�s memoir includes some clips from the old files of Millat that highlight the role played by this brave little newspaper and its courageous editor during the days of Ziaul Haq. The author chose the title Stop Press to underscore the attempts by governments to prevent journalists from printing the truth, particularly in countries where illegitimate regimes and military coups are the norm, not the exception.


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