The 1971 Indo-Pak War A Soldier ' s Narrative

  • The 1971 Indo-Pak War A Soldier ' s Narrative
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ISBN : 9780199067145

Author :  Major General Hakeem Arshod Qureshi

Publisher :  Oxford

Pages : 350

Year :  2007

Binding : Hard Bound

Language : English  

Contents : 

General Qureshi’s book forces us to look objectively at the part of our past that we have ignored and tried to forget and I think he has done the Army and the Nation a great service by using his experience to interpret the great tragedy of 1971…. The book, in my opinion, should be compulsory reading for all students of military history.

– Gen. Jahangir Karamat, former COAS Pakistan Army
There is much in this book for the historians and the political scientist, but at a purely human level, this is a story, of a typically undemonstrative officer and his love for his men.
– M.A. Niazi, The Nation, 27 December 2002
The book to my mind is a commendable effort by all standards. It needed a strong will and courage to write this book.... I urge all those who read this book, to read the last chapter of the book namely ‘Concluding Observations’ three times over. It will give you an insight into the tormented soul of the author.

– Lt.-Gen. Muhammad Iqbal, former Governor of Punjab