The Web of Censorship

  • Year: 2004
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ISBN : 9694072913
Author : Zamir Niazi

Publisher : Royal Book Co.,Pakistan

Year : 2004

Pages : 236

Binding : Hard Cover

facing page  
1. All stories related to the language riots in Sindh were suppressed (The Sun, 11 July 1972). 
between pages
2. Even foreign news was not spared the blue pencil (Dawn, 29 November 1979).
3. The attack on the Holy Mosque in Mecca was subject to strict scrutiny (The Muslim).
4. A photograph of Maj. Gen. Mujibur Rahman Khan Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting speaking at a TV Awards ceremony was censored. The censor notes . . only group photo released by the PID is allowed and not any other photograph' (Business Recorder).
5. Selective use of the blue pencil (Viewpoint, 22 April 1979).
6. An entire article on Iran by M B Naqvi was censored. In defiance The Herald ran four blank pages where the article should have been. Only the pictures of the Shah, Khomeini, and Mehdi Bazargan, and the name of the author were printed (The Herald, November 1979). See, Razia Bhatti's write-up in Chapter 7.
7. Jang (29 November 1979).
8. An editorial censored (Nawa-e-Waqt, 15 November 1979)
9. A page from Jasarat.
10. Amn (27 October 1979).
11. An article criticizing an amendment in the Press and Publications Ordinance. (Zindigi, 21-7 December 1979). 

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