Insurgency -Counter Insurgency Challenge to State Security Stability Prosperity

  • Insurgency -Counter Insurgency Challenge to State Security Stability Prosperity
  • Year: 2016
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ISBN : 9789699988288

Author : Prof. Dr. Iram Khalid 

Publisher : Al-Abbas International  &  Peace Publications

Pages : 310

Year : 2016

Binding : Hard Cover 

Section — I:
A Theoratical Understanding Insurgency and Counter Insurgency Prof. Dr. ham Khalid
Section — II:
Counter Insurgency: A Success Story Insurgency / Counter Insurgency in Sri Lanka S.M. Shahzad
Section — III:
The Reality of the Democracy: StrUggle for Rights Counter-Narrative on Chencehn Insurgency in Russia Muhammad
Faisal Darfur Insurgency and World Community Uzma Naz
Section — IV:
Insurgency — Challenge to State Stability Kurdish Insurgency: As a Challenge for Turkish Aspirations for 
European Union Membership Ms. Arifa Kiani 
Insurgency in Iraq Mr. Ghulam Ghoas 
Xinjiang: An Emerging Insurgency in China Mr. Muhammad Arsand 
Insurgency in Uzbekistan Ms. Kanwal Hayat 
Insurgency in Baluchistan: Implications for National Integration Mr. Muhammad Azhar 
FATA The question of Terrorism or Insurgency Mr. Muhammad Bilal Shafiq 
Section — V: 
State Terrorism: Challenge to mankind Kashmir Conflict: Insurgency or Freedom Movement Ms. Asma Iqbal