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Democracy in Pakistan: From Rhetoric to Reality

Year: 2015
Price: USD 20.00

ISBN : 9789699645457

Author : Raja Qaiser Ahmed

Publisher : Narratives

Year : 2015

Pages : 122

Description : 

This research study tries to comprehend the changing landscape of Pakistan's politics and aims to build a theoretical understanding of it through the comprehension of global processes of democracy, capitalism and modernity. The study offers a conceptual framework on the democratic avant-garde in Pakistan's polity where the political transition historically has been retrogressive and obscurant. The study hints at the fundamental and structural changes in Pakistan's pattern of politicism and postulates for the transformation in political landscape. The focus era has been, the time frame from 2008-2013, but it presents a detailed account of the history of political transition, having linked it with the current wave of democracy, which is the global change with the rise of liberal political order. The study attempts to explore this link through the comprehension of global processes of democracy, capitalism and modernity. The current wave of democracy has been defined as the change which the world experienced with the win of capitalism over communism. This global change directly and indirectly affected the political order of developing countries. The study theorizes the change which the developing countries experienced with the change of international order. The significant changes which Pakistan experienced in the wake of this current wave of democracy and a fundamental shift in the public discourse have been discussed at length.

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