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Education Policies in Pakistan Politics, Projections, and Practices

Education Policies in Pakistan Politics, Projections, and Practices
Year: 2016
Price: USD 25.00

ISBN : 9780199402076  

Author : Shahid Siddiqui

Publisher : OXFORD 

Year : 2016

Binding : Hard Cover 

Description : 

This book is an attempt to study the education policies in Pakistan in a critical and holistic manner. The book discusses in detail the rationale of education policy and the process of its planning.  It offers sociopolitical context for education policies to understand their processes of planning and implementation. The book selects major themes in education policies, e.g., Vision and Goals, Universal Primary Education, Literacy, Female Education, Language Issues, Higher Education, Technical and Vocational Education, Special Education, Religious and Madrassah Education, Curricula and Textbook, and Teachers and Teacher Education tracking each theme through policies from 1947 till 2009, when the last education policy was offered. 

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