Great Ancestors Women Claiming Rights in Muslim Contexts

  • Great Ancestors Women Claiming Rights in Muslim Contexts
  • Year: 2011
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This book breaks the myth of Muslim women being passive, oppressed and apolitical. It retrieves the mostly forgotten lives and voices of women from the eighth to the early twentieth centuries in Muslim countries and communities who asserted rights for themselves and for other women, promoting justice in the home and in the public sphere. These narratives from East and South Asia to the Middle East and West Africa, bring to life the rich history of women�s resistance and engagement for rights, effectively overturning the misconception that the roots of women�s activism lie exclusively in modern-day Europe and North America. Women acted in their individual capacity and undertook collective actions in the public sphere. Not all the women assembled in Great Ancestors were famous or powerful, but they all exercised their agency for empowerment, challenging power structures and opening new avenues for women. The issues of identity, Muslim-ness and women�s rights from a contemporary perspective and the importance of reclaiming this history are discussed in an introductory essay.


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