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Soul Unshackled

Soul Unshackled
Year: 2012
Price: USD 20.00

Author: FIDA

ISBN: 9789694948522

Year: 2012


Pages : 154

Binding : Hard Cover 

Contents : 

Chapter 1` How I Came to Write My Story

Chapter 2 Early Years

Chapter 3 College Life and Arrest

Chapter 4 Police Look-up , Torture and Confession Chapter 5 In Jail and my First Step to Studies

Chapter 6 I Pass My Faculty Exan Trial Continues

Chapter 7 Convicted and moved to central Prison

Chapter 8 I Appear in Bachelors Exam from Death Row 

Chapter 9 I Pass my Bachelors

Chapter 10 I Pass my Master in International Relations

Chapter 11 Death Sentence Commuted to Life

Chapter12 Backin the Barrack

Chapter 13 Reflections : The wait to be Released



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