Inside Baluchistan

  • Inside Baluchistan
  • Year: 2009
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Author : Mir Ahmad Yar Khan Baluch 

Publisher : royal Book Company 

Second Edition : 2009

Number of pages : 352

Binding : Hard Bound 

Contents : 

Part One

1  The Land

2  Early History of Baluches

3  Language and Literature

4  Emergence of Baluch Rule

5  Dynastic Rule of Ahmadzais

6  My Role as the Khan-E-Baluch-XIII

7  My Struggles

8  Declaration of Independence

9  Kalat`s Merger with Pakistan

10 The Roaring of Guns

11 The Bloody Episode

12 Break-Up of One Unit

Part Two

I . Engagment  Between the British and Mehrab Khan (1839)

II . Treaty Between  Govt. of India And Meer Nusseer

III . Treaty Between The British Govt. and Nusseer Khan (1854)

IV. Convention Between the British Govt. and Khodadad (1863)

V . Treaty Between British Govt. and Khalat State (1876)

VI . Translation of a Memorandum to Major Sandeman (1876)

VII . Rule for the Guidance of Sirdars (1876)

VIII . Translation of a Sanad Granted by Khodadad Khan to British Govt. (1880)

IX . Agreement Relating to Kalat - Persian Boundaries (1876)

X . Agreement Between Mir Mahmud Khan and A.G.G., Baluchistan (1899)

XI. Agreement  Between Mir Mahmud Khan and  A.G.G., Baluchistan

XII . Agreement Between cession of Jurisdiction over Nushki Railway (1903)

XIII . Agreement Between British Govt. and the Shah of Persia (1905)

XIV . Kalat State`s Memorandum of the cabinet Mission (1946)

XV . Retrocession of Quetta, Nushki and Nasirabad

XVI . M.A. Jinnah`s Letters to his Highness

XVII . Letter from his Highness to the Quaid -E- Azam

XVIII. Letter From Lord Linlithgow to His Highness

XIX . The Khan`s Telegram to Sir Stafford Cripps