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Introduction to Microfinance in Pakistan and Banking Procedure

Introduction to Microfinance in Pakistan and Banking Procedure
Year: 2007
Price: USD 15.00

Author : Fasihuddin Burney

Publisher : Royal Book Company

Binding : Hard Bound 

Pages : 160

Edition : 2007

Contents :

1. Hadia-e-Aqeedat

2. Attribute to Agha Hasan Abedi

3. A Tribute to Dr. Muhammad Younus Nobel Prize winer for Peace

4. The First Word

5. Poverty

6. Brief History & Origin of Urban Cooperative Or Micromovement

7. Introducation to Microfiance in Pakistan

8. What is microcredit?

9. Prudential Regulations for Microfinance Banks/Institutions

10. Criteria & Conditions for Grant of Licence for Establishing Microfinance Banks/ Institutions

11. Prudential Regulations for Microfinance Banks Regulations for members of Board of Directors

12. Techniques Involving Processing Microloan Applications

13. Some of the Major Microbusiness of poor

14. Advance allowed again sanctioned limite

15. Surrvey Sheet

16. How to Allow microfinance credit to different categories of microtraders & individuals


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