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Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation ( AQ Handbook for Law Enforcement Officers )

Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation ( AQ Handbook for Law Enforcement  Officers )
Year: 2007
Price: USD 15.00

ISBN No : 978-969-557-022-7

Author :  Professor Dr. Rana Abdul Razzaq Khan

Publisher :  Federal Law House

Year :  2007 ( 2nd Edition )

Binding : Hard Bound

Language : English  

Contents :

Section One : Investigation and Investigator

Chapter 1 History of criminal Investigation

Chapter 2 Criminal Investigation : An Introduction

Chapter 3 The Preliminary Investigation and its basic requirements

Chapter 4 Criminal Investigation in Pakistan

Section Two : Investigation Techniques

Chapter 5 Investigation Equipments ( Photography )

Chapter 6 Field Notes and Reports

Chapter 7 Crime Scene Sketches

Chapter 8 Searches

Chapter 9 Physical Evidence

Chapter 10 Obtaining Information

Chapter 11 Identifying and arresting suspects

Chapter 12 Surveillance, Undercover Assignments and Raids

Section Three : Investigating Crimes Against Persons

Chapter 13 Investigating Crime of robbery

Chapter 14 Homicide and Assault Investigation

Chapter 15 Sex related Offenses

Chapter 16 Crimes aginst Children

Section Four : Investigating Crimes Againt Property

Chapter 17 Burglary

Chapter 18 Investigating Larceny ? Theft, and Motor Vehicle Theft

Chapter 19 Crime of Arson and Bombing

Section Five Investigating other Crimes

Chapter 20 A. Organized Crime

                  B . White Collar Crime and Crime of Fraud

                  C . Computer Related Crimes

Chapter 21 Illicit Drugs Buyers and Sellers

Chapter 22 Gangs and cults

Section Six : Identification and Reproduction

Chapter 23 Forensic Sciences and Criminal Investigation

Chapter 24 Fingerprints and the Mechanics of Recording

Chapter 25 Latent Fingerprints

Chapter 26 Classification of Fingerprints

Chapter 27 Rules of Evidence

Chapter Investigator‘s Role in the Judicial Process

Chapter 29 Preparing For and Presenting Cases in the Court

Chapter 30 Phrases and Standards used in Criminal Investigation and Justice




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