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The Manual of Banking Laws in Pakistan

The Manual of Banking Laws in Pakistan
Year: 2011
Price: USD 30.00

Publisher : Omer Law Book House

Edition : 2011

Pages : 929

Binding : Hard bound


1-Fiancial Institutions

2-The State Bank of Pakistan Act 1956

3-The National Bank of Pakistan Ordinance,1949

4-The Banks ( Nationalization ) Act 1974

5-The Banks Payments of compensation Rules 1974

6-The Establishment of the federal bank for co-operative Banking

7-SBP Banking Services corporation ordinance,2001

8-Agricultural Development Bank of Pakistan

9-The Banking Companies Rules 1972

10-The Banking companies ( Lahore High court Lahore Rules 1973

11-The Punjab,Sindh,NWFP,Balochistan co operative societies and co operatives Bank ordinance 1966

12-The establishment of the federal bank for co operatives and regulation of co operative banking act 1977

13-The federal bank for co operative and regulation of co operative banking accounts rules 1977

14-The board of Directors of the federal bank

15-The offences in respect of banks,ordinance 1984

16-The Banking companies recovery of Loans,ordinance 1980

17-The Banking and Financial services

18-The Banking tribunals ordinance 1984

19-The banking companies ordinance 1962

20-The banking companies rules 1963



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