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Socio Political Paintings in Pakistan A.R. Nagori A Painter of Protest

Socio Political Paintings in Pakistan A.R. Nagori A Painter of Protest
Year: 2011
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ISBN : 969-9624-02-7

Author : Abdul Fatah Daudpoto  

Publisher :  Sethi Books Publication

Year :  2011

Binding : Hard Bound

Language : English  

Contents :

The book belongs to the neglected field of enquiry about socio political painting in Pakistan , whom the art Critics have overlooked the analysis due to political conditions of the Country . This work is an attempt to fill the gap and invite attention of the writers to put an eye in the past . that this will be critics as well as students of the art , design and history . This book is a little try to pay tribute to a teacher and an artist who put solid foundation of socio-political art in Pakistan . The book has emerged as a specialist source on Nagori lived through . It is also critically analyzed the political protest in the book that Nagori has been making through his paintings . It is also analyzed the subject matter, techniques and colors of Nagori.

The Methodology used in the book is right and to the point giving clarity of subject mater and research . This has been supported by sufficient references and cross reference indicated in the footnotes and bibliography and personal interviews, on the socio political painting’s in Pakistan the works of A.R. Nagori.

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